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Do you want to build a stronger marriage?


Kung mabibigyan ka ng chance na magkaroon ng RESET BUTTON sa inyong MARRIAGE LIFE, willing ka ba mag-restart? What am I talking about? Meron ba talagang RESET BUTTON sa marriage? Marahil you did your best, but your best wasn't good enough..sounds familiar? Mga Ka Chink, willing ka ba mag umpisa muli? Gusto mo ba itama ang iyong mga pagkakamali? Ninanais mo ba na makita ang iyong marriage ay mabuting halimbawa sa iyong mga anak?

    Hi there! My name is Chinkee Tan, and I have been married 19 years to my lovely Nove Ann, whom I am proud to call my #happywife

    We began our journey as husband and wife with much enthusiasm, excitement, expectancy and even a dose of invincibility. 

    But soon enough, we’ve discovered that we cannot work out our marriage alone. That is why in our early years of marriage (and even up to now), Nove and I welcomed help. How? 

    We sought out seasoned couples to mentor us, and younger couples to journey with us and learn from each other. 

    Sometimes it was intentional mentoring; other times it was just chatting away over a meal. We treated every minute we spent with others as a learning experience. 

    We began to spend more time with married couples, than with single people.

    Minsan ang hirap i-let go ang buhay-binata or buhay-dalaga, but when you are married, hindi na pwede ang singles’ lifestyle. There is so much to learn about married life but we cannot learn it all from just one couple. We learn from each other too, both the good and the bad. Sila din, they learn from us.  

    We attended seminars and couples retreats whenever we get the chance to. 

    If it costs a lot of money, we won’t hesitate because our marriage should be a top priority and worth investing in. 

    Ever since we’ve learned, THINGS ARE SURE GETTING BETTER! This is what we’ve discovered and learned from them. 

    Top 3 Reasons Why Marriages Fail 

    Lack of Communication 

    Hindi na kayo nag-uusap. Kung mag-usap man kayo, hindi tama ang pamamaraan ng pag-communicate. Communication in marriage needs to be healthy and it has to be two-way, para maiwasan ang miscommunication.

    Lack of Intimacy

    Intimacy is more than just sex. It is much more. Intimacy is connectedness. It is togetherness. If we do not do anything to learn how to be more connected with our spouse, mawawala ang intimacy. Kapag hindi na intimate, wala na din ang romance. Kung wala na ang romance, wala na ang love. 

    Lack of Money

    Aminin man natin o hindi, money plays an important role in marriage. We have to pay the bills, buy food and other necessities, pay tuition, etc. Sabi nga ng isang finance guru na si David Woods “Money is the biggest cause of friction in a marriage.” Pero we cannot do away with money! The solution there is our attitude about money and how we manage it as a couple. 

    These challenges may seem harmless ngayon, pero kapag na-experience na ang mga ito, and left unaddressed, ito ay higit pang lalala. Things will not get better but only get worse. 

    SO IF YOU ARE...

    • Confused about how to make your marriage work.
    • Afraid to let your friends know that your marriage is on the rocks.
    • Shy to ask questions about marriage, because they might think your marriage is in trouble.
    • Not sure whether you are doing the right thing in your marriage.
    • Fed up with the fighting, the arguing and sleeping on the couch.
    • Feeling helpless because no one seems to be able to offer you the answers and the help you need. 


    My wife and I have set up this once a year seminar to help those who want to have their dream marriage. Do you want to have a marriage that will last through both the good and bad times?

    Celebrity couple Julius Babao (Action Man / TV and Radio Host) and TinTin Babao (Media Personality) will be joining us to share their personal love story and experience as a married couple for over 14 years.


    • Debunking marriage myths. Marami tao ang nagkakamali sa maling akala.
    • Reasons why marriages don’t work. Alamin ang mga common mistakes sa buhay mag-asawa
    • Understanding sex and intimacy. Ang kahalagahan ng pagmamahalan at paglalambingan sa mag-asawa
    • Handling money in marriage the right way. Kung sino ba ang dapat humawak ng badyet at paano magkakaisa sa lahat ng desisyon sa pera.
    • Discovering how to forgive your spouse. Alamin kung paano patatawarin ang isang iyong asawa na nanakit sayo.

      Inside the video course, you will find the following session:

      • Session 1 How It All Started - Part 1
      • Session 2 How It All Started - Part 2
      • Session 3 What Is The True Essence Of Marriage
      • Session 4 How To Improve Communication In Your Marriage
      • Session 5 How Do Men And Women Handle Stress
      • Session 6 How To Avoid Miscommunication
      • Session 7 How To Remove Pride
      • Session 8 How To Resolve Conflict
      • Session 9 Financially Ever After - Saver or Spender
      • Session 10 Financially Ever After - How To Set Money Priorities - Part 1
      • Session 11 Financially Ever After -  How To Set Money Priorities Priorities - Part 2
      • Session 12 Julius and TinTin Babao - Journey to Forever - Part 1
      • Session 13 Julius and TinTin Babao - Journey to Forever - Part 2
      • Session 14 Julius and TinTin Babao - Threats That Destroy Marriages
      • Session 15 How To Develop Great Intimacy In Your Marriage
      • Session 16 Monster-in-laws: Warning Signs If You Problems With Your In-laws
      • Session 17 Monster-in-laws: 3 Ninja Moves To Solve In-laws Issues
      • Session 18 How To Forgive And Not Cheat On Your Spouse


        One of the best ways we invest in our marriages is to go on dates right? Magkano ba ang nagagastos nyo sa isang date? P2,500, P1,500? Or P1,000? Well treat this event as a date for you and your spouse. Except that it will build your marriage a whole lot more! So if you want to be part of this event, go on a date with your wife during this event for only  P799!

        So, what are you waiting for? Who says attaining that dream marriage is impossible? It’s all gonna be made possible if you learn how to make your marriage work!


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