How To Retire Before 50

How To Retire Before 50

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Do you want to retire before 50 years old?

Do you want to be able to live the life you wanted and at the same time retire earlier than most people do?

Kung yes ang sagot mo, may good news ako sa’yo!

Mr. Chinkee Tan created an online course for him to teach his fellow Filipinos how to retire as early as or before 50 years old.

Hindi ba exciting na habang maaga pa, nakakapag-prepare ka na para sa retirement mo?

At kapag nakapag-retire ka na, you will be able to enjoy lahat ng pinaghirapan mo.

Kung interesado kang malaman ang sikreto kung paano mag-retire before 50, mag-enroll ka na.


  1. Learn the pitfalls of a retiree and how to fix them
  2. Learn where to invest and what are the things you should avoid doing in an investment
  3. Learn why you need protection, why people do not buy protection, and the different kinds of insurance
  4. Learn the dynamics of investing in the stock market such as things to know before investing, how much can you lose in a stock market investment, and the things you should avoid doing in an investment

What you need
You will be needing a gadget (laptop, phone, or tablet) to access the course. Download the worksheet provided. You are highly encouraged to print it out and take down notes. Prepare a pen and paper and answer a short quiz after each session.

Who it is for
This course is for everybody who wants to learn how to retire as early as 50 years old.

Session 1: Introduction
This session is all about the benefits of preparing early for retirement.

Session 2:  Chinkee Tan’s Wealth Quadrant
This session is all about Chinkee Tan’s Wealth Quadrant that is really essential in your retirement journey.

Session 3: Pitfalls of a Retiree
This session is all about the common mistakes that most Filipino retirees often make.

Session 4: How to Compute for Retirement Fund
This session is all about an easy to understand formula on how to compute the amount you will be needing in your retirement fund.

Session 5: Investment 101
This session is all about the principles in investing your hard earned money.

Session 6: Where to Invest
This lesson is all about where to invest your money - what are the alternatives, differences, and advantages of these investments.

Session 7: Things You Should Avoid in Doing Investment
This session is all about the precautionary measures to take and the things you should avoid doing in an investment.

Session 8: Rule of 72
This session is all about the power of compounding interest that will double your money on top the invested amount.

Session 9: Ben and David Investment Over Time
This session is all about the application of compounding interest.

Session 10: How to Invest in the Stock Market
This session is all about the stock market, how to earn in the stock market, why you should consider investing in the stock market, and what are the advantages and benefits of investing in the stock market.

Session 11: How Much Can You Lose in the Stock Market
This session is all about the possible losses you might incur from the stock market and the strategy you can apply if it ever happens.

Session 12: What You Should Know Before Investing in the Stock Market
This session is all about the important things to know before investing to effectively earn and double your money through the stock market. 

Session 13: Things You Should Avoid Doing in the Stock Market
This session is all about what not to do in investing in the stock market to lessen the possible losses and maximize the earnings.  

Session 14: Real Estate 101
In this session, Mr. Chinkee Tan will discuss investing in real estate, why real estate is one of the best ways to make money, and how to grow your money in real estate. 

Session 15: Protection 101
This session is all about why people usually do not buy protection for themselves and why one should protect him/herself.  

Session 16: Income Replacement Fund
In this session, Mr. Chinkee Tan will tackle what is an Income Replacement Fund, the formula you can use to determine the amount you need to set aside in building the fund, and when do you need to buy life insurance. 

Session 17: 3 Kinds of Protection
This session is all about why you should ensure yourself and the different kinds of protection that you can avail.  

Session 18: How to Fix Pitfalls of a Retiree (Part 1 & 2)
While there are common pitfalls a retiree makes, in this session, Mr. Chink Tan will discuss how to fix them. 

In this bonus section, Mr. Chinkee Tan will discuss further lessons on things you should not be doing in buying a property, the checklist of a lessor, how to choose your plan, life insurance products, and his personal recommendation. 

Bonus 1: Things You Should Not Be Doing in Buying a Property
Bonus 2: Checklist Lessor
Bonus 3: How To Choose Your Plan
Bonus 4: Life Insurance Product
Bonus 5: Personal Recommendation


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