Happy Wife Happy Life - Live Seminar

Happy Wife Happy Life - Live Seminar

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Family is the building block of a society. 

And behind a happy and functional family is, of course, parents.

Mr. Chinkee Tan understands the value of a strong and healthy marriage as the foundation of a family, that is why he created two courses for the Happy Wife, Happy Life.

The first course includes the book itself, Happy Wife, Happy Life, along with a comprehensive workbook you can work on with your spouse.

This second course, on the other hand, includes the lessons from the book and they have also invited TV personalities Julius Babao and Christine Bersola-Babao to share with you their personal experience as husband and wife and lessons you can apply in your own marriage as well. 

In this course, Mr. Chinkee Tan will also be speaking along with her lovely wife, Mrs. Nove-Ann Tan.

Sobrang exciting, hindi ba?

Kung sa tingin mo na it’s time to level up your relationship with your spouse, then enroll now because this course is exactly for you. 


  1. Learn the difference between how men and women communicate
  2. Learn how couples communicate when they are happy or under stress
  3. Lean the top 3 reasons why marriages fail
  4. Learn the 5 ways on how to improve your marriage

What you need

You will be needing a gadget (laptop, phone, or tablet) to access the course. You are highly encouraged to take down notes. Prepare a pen and paper to answer a short quiz after each session.

Who it is for

This course is for those who want to fix their unhealthy relationship and improve their marriage alike.

Session 1

In this session, Mr. Chinkee Tan and his wife, Ms. Nove Ann, will share with you how they met. Then they will discuss what marriage is really all about, the vital role communication plays in marriage, and tips on how to avoid miscommunication and remove pride. They will also discuss the difference between how men and women handle stress, how to resolve conflict, and how couples should manage their finances. 

Lesson 1: How it All Started - Part 1
Lesson 2: How it All Started - Part 2
Lesson 3: What is the True Essence of Marriage
Lesson 4: How to Improve Communication in Your Marriage
Lesson 5: How Do Men and Women Handle Stress
Lesson 6: How to Avoid Miscommunication
Lesson 7: How to Remove Pride
Lesson 8: How to Resolve Conflict
Lesson 9: Financially Ever After - Saver of Spender


Session 2

In this session, Mr. Chinkee Tan will be discussing what to prioritize when it comes to our finances. Then Mr. Julius Babao and Ms. Cristine will be joining onstage to share with you their personal experiences and valuable lessons from their own married life. Mr. Chinkee and Ms. Nove will finish the session as they talk about intimacy, how to forgive and not cheat on your spouse, and matters about in-laws. 

Lesson 10: Financially Ever After - Priorities - Part 1
Lesson 11: Financially Ever After - Priorities - Part 2
Lesson 12: Julius and Tintin Babao - Journey to Forever - Part 1
Lesson 13: Julius and Tintin Babao - Journey to Forever - Part 2
Lesson 14: Julius and Tintin Babao - Threats That Destroy Marriages
Lesson 15: How to Develop Great Intimacy in Your Marriage
Lesson 16: Monster-in-Laws: Warning Signs if Your Are Having Problems with Your In-Laws
Lesson 17: Monster-in-Laws: 3 Ninja Moves to Solve In-Laws Issues
Lesson 18: How to Forgive and Not Cheat on Your Spouse

Chinkee Tan

  • Wealth coach / Motivational Speaker (Finance, Sales, Business, Entrepreneurship)
  • Radio and Tv Personality (Chink Positive, Mag Badyet Tayo)
  • Best-Selling Author (Wrote 14 Financial Literacy Books; #TillDebtDoUsPart #DiaryofaPulubi #MyIponDiary #HappyWifeHappyLife)
  • Social Media Personality (2.8 Million FB / 950k YT)

Nove Ann Tan

  • Author of the book I Homeschool (How to do it without losing your mind)
  • Homeschooled 3 kids for more than a decade
  • Wife of Mr. Chinkee Tan

Julius Babao

  • Multi-awarded news anchor
  • Journalist
  • Vlogger

Christine Babao

  • Media personality
  • Wife of Julius Babao