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Ipon Pa More

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Nasubukan mo na bang mag-ipon only to spend your savings in the end?

Nagtataka ka ba na kahit malaki ang sweldo mo pero hindi ka maka-ipon?

Ang pag-iipon ay hindi sa laki o liit ng pera.

Ang pag-iipon ay lalong hindi dahil gusto mo lang mag-tabi ng pera.

In this course, Mr. Chinkee Tan will teach you how to set your ipon goals right so that you will be able to actually save money. 

Para naman hindi ka mag paulit-ulit sa cycle save, gastos, save, gastos, na ang ending ay wala ka talagang naiipon.

Kung seryoso kang matutong mag-ipon at maka-ipon ng pera para sa ipon goals mo, mag-enroll ka na.


  1. Learn why it's important to save and the benefits that come along with saving your hard earned money
  2. Build the discipline of saving before spending
  3. Learn tipid tips that will help you save consistently for 52 weeks and beyond
  4. Learn how to challenge yourself to save more and more money every upcoming month
  5. Learn how to achieve your financial goals and know what to do with the wealth you have

What you need
You will be needing a gadget (laptop, phone, or tablet) to access the course. You are highly encouraged to take down notes. Prepare a pen and paper to answer a short quiz after each session.

Who it is for
This course is for everyone who wants to learn how to save with a purpose and save more.

SESSION 1 - Goal Setting
In this session, Mr. Chinkee Tan will talk about goal setting that is necessary to your ipon goals. He will also discuss the acronym RICH and share with you 7 reasons why you should save. 

Lesson 1: How to Reach Your Ipon Goals - Part 1
Lesson 2: How to Reach Your Ipon Goals - Part 2
Lesson 3: How to Reach Your Ipon Goals - Part 3
Lesson 4: 7 Reason Why You Should Ipon Pa More


SESSION 2 - Ipon Challenge
In this session, Mr. Chinkee Tan will teach you how to save as much as you can and will challenge you with his Ipon Challenge. He will also discuss his SMART Iponaryo Chart and the principles he personally uses in saving his own money. 

Lesson 5: Paano Makatipid ng 100,000 - Part 1
Lesson 6: Paano Makatipid ng 100,000 - Part 2
Lesson 7: My Smart Iponaryo Chart - Part 1
Lesson 8: My Smart Iponaryo Chart - Part 2
Lesson 9: My Ipon Challenge - Part 1
Lesson 10: My Ipon Challenge - Part 2


  • Wealth Coach / Motivational Speaker (Finance, Sales, Business, Entrepreneurship)
  • Radio and Tv Personality (Chink Positive, Mag Badyet Tayo)
  • Best-Selling Author (Wrote 14 Financial Literacy Books; #TillDebtDoUsPart #DiaryofaPulubi #MyIponDiary #HappyWifeHappyLife)
  • Social Media Personality (2.8 Million FB / 950k YT)

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