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Juan Negosyante

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How to Build Your Business from Scratch

Marami na ang nagsitayuang negosyo and you’re thinking, ‘kailan kaya ako magkakaroon ng sarili kong business?’

Marami ka namang ideas and visions pero hindi mo alam kung paano mag-umpisa. 

Well, do you know na mahirap mag-start ng isang bagay kung hindi mo alam ang gagawin?

Buti na lang, Mr. Chinkee Tan created a course just for you!

Dito sa kanyang course na ‘Juan Negosyante’, tuturuan ka niya how to build your own business from scratch. 

Hindi mo kailangang maging isang heir or heiress ng isang malaking kumpanya para magkaroon ng sarili mong business!

Kailangan mo lang matutunan lahat ng principles na ginagamit mismo ni Mr. Chinkee Tan and apply them yourself on your business endeavor.

Kung gusto mo ng magkaroon ng maipagmamalaki mong sariling negosyo, hurry and enroll now.


  1. Learn how successful entrepreneurs think and act
  2. Learn how to switch your mindset to one of an entrepreneur
  3. Avoid the common mistakes of people who fail in their businesses
  4. Learn the skills necessary to start and run a business
  5. Learn powerful negotiation techniques that will have you closing accounts
  6. Learn the roadmap to building a strong and promising business

What you need

You will be needing a gadget (laptop, phone, or tablet) to access the course. Download the worksheet provided. You are highly encouraged to print it out and take down notes. Prepare a pen and paper and answer a short quiz after each session.

Who it is for

This course is for anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur and willing to learn how to build a business from scratch.

Session 1

In this session, Mr. Chinkee Tan will talk about the dynamics of entrepreneurship - from assessing yourself if you have an entrepreneurial mindset to shifting to entrepreneurial mindset if you have an employment mindset. Mr. Chinkee Tan will also discuss skills and types of management that are essential in doing business. 


Lesson 1: How to Know if You Have a Mindset of an Entrepreneur
Lesson 2: Employment to Entrepreneur Mindset
Lesson 3: Top 10 Common Mistakes
Lesson 4: Creativity Skills
Lesson 5: Planning, Project Management, Financial Management, Risk Management, Logistics Management
Lesson 6: Marketing Skills
Lesson 7: Communication Skills
Lesson 8: Selling, Negotiation, Networking Skills
Lesson 9: Productivity Skills

Session 2

In starting a business, it is important to lay a strong foundation. In this session, Mr. Chinkee Tan will discuss the 7 templates or roadmaps in order  to be successful in your business enterprise. 

Lesson 10: Business Road-Map: Self-Awareness
Lesson 11: Business Road-Map: Research
Lesson 12: Business Road-Map: Product Development
Lesson 13: Business Road-Map: Feedback
Lesson 14: Business Road-Map: Business Operation
Lesson 15: Business Road-Map: Finance Your Business
Lesson 16: Business Road-Map: Making it Official
Lesson 17: Making Your First Sale

Financial Tips for Start-Up
Problem Solving Skills
Top 10 Business You Can Get Into
Top 10 Common Mistakes With Problems


  • Wealth Coach / Motivational Speaker (Finance, Sales, Business, Entrepreneurship)
  • Radio and Tv Personality (Chink Positive, Mag Badyet Tayo)
  • Best-Selling Author (Wrote 14 Financial Literacy Books; #TillDebtDoUsPart #DiaryofaPulubi #MyIponDiary #HappyWifeHappyLife)
  • Social Media Personality (2.8 Million FB / 950k YT)

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