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Save P20,000, P100,000 or EVEN MORE in 2018! There's no secret to it. Saving is the way to go. And I want to teach you a roadmap to building your personal savings. This is your journey to experiencing financial freedom and becoming wealthy and debt free.

Attaining financial freedom is not about how much you earn. It's about how much you save.

But the truth is ang hirap magtipid. Gusto mo pero hindi mo magawa. Familiar ba to, mga KaChink?

Have you experienced any of this? Earning money only to watch it disappear without knowing kung saan napunta. Saving money, but watching it dwindle with every emergency na dumarating. Being overwhelmed with your expenses and not knowing how to budget. Wanting so bad to save for that dream vacation, house, car or wedding only to fail. Constantly finding yourself in debt kasi andaming gastusin. Wishing you could earn more only to end up with zero in your bank account.

What if I could give you a way out of this cycle, and start saving consistently and progressively? Mga KaChink, get ready...Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of saving?

Through My New #IPONPAMORE online course you will learn

  • Why it's important to save and the benefits that come along with saving your hard earned money.

  • Building the discipline of saving before spending.

  • Tipid tips that will help you save consistently for 52 weeks and beyond.

  • How to challenge yourself to save more and more money every upcoming month.

  • How to achieve your financial goals and know what to do with the wealth you have.

Para kanino ang program na ito?


Ang pag-iipon is not an individual thing but a family thing. Kahit ang lakas mo kumita pero ang lakas nilang gumastos, ubos pa rin. Dahil ako ay naniniwala, “The family that SAVES TOGETHER, YAYAMAN TOGETHER.”


Di ba ang sarap ng feeling kung lahat kayo mga magkakaibigan at magbabarkada ang trip ay SAVINGS at PADAMIHIN ANG PERA ang pinag-uusapan. Kaysa sa paano wawaldasin at uubusin yung pinaghirapang pera. Kaya’t invite na ang mga friendships at tropa para lahat kayo ay sumaya at sabay-sabay giginhawa.


What if hindi na bumabale ang mga tao mo dahil napapagabot-abot na nila ang kanilang sahod? Saya di ba? Nakakatrabaho silang maayos dahil wala silang utang at financial stress. Kaya’t isama mo na ang buong team at opisina para maging IPONARYO.


Kung seryoso kang maging isang ganap #IPONaryo. Seryoso ka ma-achieve yung financial target at goal mo this year. Seryoso ka matutunan kung ano ba ang sikreto ng isang IPONARYO para soon ikaw ay maging isang MILYONARYO.

How Much Is The Registration?

What if I could give you a chance to gain another P100,000 for P5,000?

Would you take it? Of course! That's a return of TWENTY FOLD!

But I won't charge you P5,000. Because I want you to reach your financial goal, You can join this online course for only P799!

Don't miss this chance to change your life and start saving more and letting your dreams come to pass!



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  • This is not a physical product. 
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