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Speaker: Brenan Espartinez

How To Register A Binance Account
• Use a referral ID
• Get your own referral ID
• Use a secure email
• Setup your 2FA
• Security checks and tips

How to set up Binance Transfer
• P2P Method
• Credit / Debit Card Method

How To Fund Your Account

How To Buy / Sell Crypto

How To Cash Out From Binance / with Giu - Crypto Paps
• Basic navigations within Binance App - features and must know for beginners
• Binance NFT Marketplace, Buy, Sell, Intro
• Reading graphs basic indicators - specific for just exchanging your funds, no long or short term gain specific trade
• KYC verifications and transactions, validations

Speaker: Giu Comia

How To Create A Metamask Account
• What Metamask is? how is it used ?
• Download from browser
• Choose the network [ETH, AVAX, MATIC, etc]
• How to add networks and another sub wallet [same seed phrase]

How To Transfer Crypto From Binance To Your Metamask Account
• Choose token/coin
• Choose chain to send address
• Copy and check addresses

How To Link Your Metamask Account To Open Sea
• Open
• Link metamask
• Check profile
• Edit profile settings, etc.

How To Mint A Nft
• Define minting
• Choose project that will have minting date
• Prepare your funds
• Prepare your whitelist or access to the minting
• Check the community discord, telegram, twitter, etc.

How To Buy a Nft
• Prepare your funds
• Check price
• Check token to be used
• Fund your MM wallet
• Verify validity of NFT as authentic

How To Sell a Nft
• Whats the ideal price to sell?
• When is the ideal time for you to sell?
• Why sell or keep?

How To Transfer Your Crypto From Metamask To Binance
• Check the address
• Check the chain for congestion/suspended, etc.
• Transfer, triple check all details
• View transaction hash

How To Find Good Nft Projects
• What defines a good NFT project?
• Why go into this x project?
• Checklists and reasons to enter a NFT project

Speaker: Crypto Paps

• A digital Universe where you can buy, sell or hold assets called NFT

How To find the best metaverse project that best fits you?
• Know your interest (Gaming, fitness, Music, Arts, etc.)
• Check the Community
• Review the white paper: roadmap, tokenomics, partners
• Know the amount of time it consumes
• Check if it is within budget
• Check if it is timely

How To Buy Metaverse Crypto Tokens?
• Check what exchange is the token available
• Transfer to Wallet (metamask, ronin, phantom)

How To Buy Metaverse Digital Land?
• Check the tokens used
• Check marketplace
• Check chain involved
• How to choose which land? utility, proximities, value, rarity
• Buying for ROI or buying for collection
• Buying for long term HODL or flipping? [define HODL / FLIP]
• When to buy?

Speaker: Prof Toff

How To Start/Create Your Wallet - Ronin, Metamask, Phantom, Etc.
• Choose the blockchain [ETH, Ronin, SOL, AVAX, WAX, etc.]
• Download from the site the chrome extension
• Secure seed phrase [tips and must check]
• Confirm seed phrase
• Save wallet and pin on browser
• Additional: Multiple Profiles for different games/transaction

How To Transfer Crypto From Binance To Your Play-To-Earn Wallet
• Cash in Binance [P2P] or use cards that allow transactions in Binance [PNB, Union Bank]
• Choose the right chain to transfer your crypto funds, check the time, transaction, etc.

How To Secure Your Tokens And Adding Them To The Crypto Wallet
• Making sure the right wallet address
• Confirming transaction hash status and chain status if suspended or congested
• Triple checking everything before doing the confirmations, etc.

How To Trade/Bridge And Send Play-To-Earn Tokens Between Exchanges
• Depending on the chain like from Polygon to BSC etc.
• Sample websites that chain from ETH to Metamask[ronin bridge], etc.

How To Plan Your Return Of Investment In The Play-To-Earn Scene
• What’s your budget?
• What's the token price / NFT price and value of token upon entry?
• Computing possible means to earn [normal grind, breeding, floor prices, market demand, etc.
• Selling, HODLing, or building ?
• Compute your actual gains per day, per hour or similar. [Ex: Axie]
• Get your RoI by knowing what the worst possible scenario is? [Ex: Axie]
• Sample rundown in the marketplace then buying the NFT and computing gains in x months
• Volatility and market prices [availability in exchanges]

How To Manage Your Risks
• Definition of investment, assets, income, expenses [Kiyosaki , Robert]
• How soon do you need to RoI?
• How much of your “investment funds” are you placing in 1 basket?
• Are you well diversified in your cashflow?
• Is your cashflow sufficient to sustain the diversification or the investment? [checking overhead costs]


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