Happy Wife Happy Life Online Workshop

Happy Wife Happy Life Online Workshop

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How is your married life?

Are you happy with how your relationship is going?

Are you satisfied with where it is going?

Are you still sweet to each other, or are your feelings for each other “sugar-free”?

Are you excited to see your spouse after each long day, or would you rather have a genie at your disposal so you can wish your spouse away whenever you want to?

Normal lang magkaroon ng challenges ang mag-asawa, but what is not good is when these challenges ruin the marriage.

If your marriage is on the brink of separation because of unhealthy arguments, not knowing how to communicate love properly, and not knowing how to fight for one another, then kailangan mo ng tulong.

Mr. Chinkee Tan created the course, Happy Wife, Happy Life, to share with you his secrets to his own personal happy, healthy, and intimate marriage life.

To learn his powerful secrets, then enroll now.

What you will learn from this online mentoring program.

  • Debunking marriage myths. Marami tao ang nagkakamali sa maling akala.
  • Reasons why marriages don’t work. Alamin ang mga common mistakes sa buhay mag-asawa
  • Understanding sex and intimacy. Ang kahalagahan ng pagmamahalan at paglalambingan sa mag-asawa
  • Handling money in marriage the right way. Kung sino ba ang dapat humawak ng badyet at paano magkakaisa sa lahat ng desisyon sa pera.
  • Discovering spouse’s love language and how to act with love. Alamin kung ano ang kiliti ng isa’t isa para tumibay ulit yung pagsasamahan.



  1. Learn the difference between how men and women communicate
  2. Learn how couples communicate when they are happy or under stress
  3. Lean the top 3 reasons why marriages fail
  4. Learn the 5 ways on how to improve your marriage

What you need

You will be needing a gadget (laptop, phone, or tablet) to access the course. First, read  the “Read This First” link.

Download the e-books provided and your version of preference. Download the workbook as well. You are highly encouraged to print it out and take down notes. Prepare a pen and paper and answer a short quiz after each session.

Who it is for

This course is for those who want to fix their unhealthy relationship and improve their marriage alike.

PART 1 Why We Need This Book

Chapter 1
In this chapter, Chinkee Tan will discuss the value of having a workbook for this course and why it helps in applying the lessons discussed here. 
Why a Workbook (Part 1)
Why a Workbook (Part 2)

Chapter 2
This chapter is all about what is a myth and what are the myths commonly believed about marriages that only lead to a wrong direction for the couple. 
Marriage Myth Busters (Part 1)
Marriage Myth Busters (Part 2)
Marriage Myth Busters (Part 3)
Marriage Myth Busters (Part 4)


PART 2 Top 3 Reasons Why Marriage Fail

Chapter 3
This chapter is all about an in-depth discussion on the importance of communication in a marriage and the three components of a healthy and effective communication. 
Lack of Communication (Part 1)
Lack of Communication (Part 2)

Chapter 4
In this chapter, Mr. Chinkee Tan will discuss the misconceptions about intimacy and what it really is, its importance in a marriage, and the need for intimacy. 
Lack of Intimacy (Part 1)
Lack of Intimacy (Part 2)
Lack of Intimacy (Part 3)
Lack of Intimacy (Part 4)

Chapter 5
This chapter is all about the top 10 common issues that arise between couples in the area of finances.
Lack of Money (Part 1)
Lack of Money (Part 2)
Lack of Money (Part 3) 


PART 3 How to Make Your Marriage Work

Chapter 6
This chapter is all about how to love one’s spouse not only through actions and emotions but also through words. 
Love With Words

Chapter 7
This chapter is all about the importance of giving one’s spouse quality time and how to apply it. 
Time Well Spent

Chapter 8
This chapter is all about the value of physical touch in a marriage.
Love That You Can Feel

Chapter 9
This chapter will discuss how an affectionate act of service can also be an expression of your love to your spouse.
Affectionate Service

Chapter 10
This chapter will discuss how gift giving can also be an expression of your love to your partner.
Love in a Wrapper

These bonus videos will discuss the importance of respect, removing pride, repentance, reconciliation and resolution in marriages.

5 RS to Resolving Conflict - Respect
5 RS to Resolving Conflict - Remove Pride
5 RS to Resolving Conflict - Repent
5 RS to Resolving Conflict - Reconciliation and Resolution

I haven’t read the book, HAPPY WIFE, HAPPY LIFE, can I still do the workshop?
Yes. The workshop can help you understand the lessons from the book, although part of the workshop is that you need to read from the book itself.

I already read the book, HAPPY WIFE, HAPPY LIFE, can I just skip the workshop?
I highly recommend going through the workbook because it contains interactive exercises, discussions and reflections where you can both write your answers.

I am still single, can I still benefit from this workshop?
Yes. One of the main purposes of the workshop is to develop awareness and education for those who will enter in to married life. The authors’ “200 year” marriage experience, research and practical tips will guide you and prepare before you before you tie in the knot someday.

My spouse doesn’t want to be part of the workshop. Can I still do it alone and without the participation of my spouse?
Yes. We need to learn and change first before we can teach our spouse. The workshop will guide you and mold. Show your spouse that you are willing to change and he/ she will soon follow.

My spouse and I lives abroad, can we still join the workshop?
Yes. You can log in our live workshop. Even if you are offline, there are interactive videos from the authors that can guide you during the workbook phase.

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