About Chinkee Tan

Humble Beginnings

I was born in Tondo, Manila, of Chinese parentage; eldest of the three children. After my father experienced big losses in business, I started to realize the importance of perseverance and hard work at a very young age. The crisis brought me to Divisoria where I bought anything that I could peddle to my classmates and friends, including toilet paper rolls, to help augment my family income. And that was when I discovered the value of savings.

It was at this point in my life when I developed my business acumen. In the course of my early start as a budding entrepreneur and the different challenges it presented, my vision in life became crystal clear: "To be a very successful entrepreneur who will be at the providing end of earning opportunities for people who need them."

Today, I have witnessed the realization of my vision as I embark on various ventures where I always figure out ways to reap good returns. My firm belief is to help enough people get what they want so I can also get what I want in life. I always speak from my heart and I have given talks to retirees, executives, private as well as government employees, students, church leaders, and even out-of-school youth. Moreover, I have mentored and coached more than 50 people who became millionaires in their own businesses.

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Author of Bestselling Books and TV/Radio Personality

In addition to what I have already mentioned earlier, I am also the author of 14 bestselling books; two of which are the "Diary Of A Pulubi and My Ipon Diary", which had already sold a total of over 3,000,000 copies by the time I'm writing this. And it is my pride and honor to say I am the only Filipino author who has received a congratulatory letter from a Philippine President, former President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III.

I am the host of the award-winning program "Chink Positive" every Sunday at 7 AM, aired on the radio (92.3 New FM) and TV (Channel 41 Aksyon TV). I also host two of the segments in OnePH shows "Mag Badyet Tayo", daily from 9-10 AM & "Raket Science" every Saturday, 11-12NN. You can also watch my show in KUMU: "Chink Positive" every Friday at 9 PM.

I used to co-host the Hall of Fame Winner of the Catholic Mass Media program "Radyo Negosyo" of DZMM. I was also one of the co-hosts of the 700 Club Asia and one of the resource speakers of GoNegosyo.

As of November 2020, I have these number of subscribers, followers and likers on different social media platforms:

Facebook: 3M Followers and 2.5M Likes
YouTube: 1M Subscribers
Tiktok: 235.2K Followers and 1.1M Likes
Instagram: 211.5K Followers
Twitter: 49K followers
LinkedIn: 26K followers and 4.4K connections


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Financial Expert

My passion in life is to help people experience FINANCIAL FREEDOM and become DEBT-FREE. I believe that the best way to accomplish these is through education. The reason why a person remains poor and in debt is not because of the lack of money but the lack of education. And by the word "education", I mean financial literacy.
"Financial literacy is the key to financial freedom."

How To Create Money
I'm passionate about teaching other people how to create money. I teach on how to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, how to start a business, how to be successful in the profession of sales, and much more.

How To Handle Money
Developing a healthy money mindset, illustrating practical ways on how to save, budget, get out of debt, and ways to handle money properly. Those are the things I am really good at and I'll show you how to get there.

How To Grow Your Money
I always make sure that my audience learns what an investment is all about, how and where to invest their money and how to prepare for their golden age of retirement; the kind of life they'll definitely enjoy and will be looking forward to, as early as NOW.

How To Protect Your Money
Expect the unexpected... And so we have to learn how to protect our hard-earned money from unexpected, unfavorable things that might happen in our lives, sooner or later. And I'm here to share with you ways on how to protect your money.

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Learning Method

Educational and Entertaining
Learning can't be boring. We need a few laughs to enjoy the sessions while I share rock-solid principles for living and working better. My stories, humor, tips, and advice are all encouraging and will get you equipped to operate effectively in your field of influence - regardless of age or occupation.

No-nonsense Learnings
I feel more comfortable and more effective in teaching principles rather than techniques. Techniques may be applicable to only a certain number of people; while principles can be applied to everybody. I believe that connecting to my audience is essential before I deliver my message. I strive to know my audience first, find out who they are, what their needs and feelings are, as well as their fears and concerns. I know that it is only after understanding one's audience that I can deliver an absolutely convincing and effective message. I will give your group a presentation guaranteed to make an impact, backed up with practical, real-world content.

Dynamic Motivational Speaker
If I can make students with the shortest attention span to sit and listen to me for 3 straight hours, I can certainly address the toughest audiences! My content and experiences were proven relevant and beneficial to companies and professional organizations looking to bring out the best in their personnel.

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5 Reasons Why You Would Want To Learn From Me

    1. Experience
    2. My Motivational Speaking endeavor started in the mid-'90s with my own organization that had a sales force of 30,000. I started speaking professionally in 2008 where I had given talks to various groups - from as few as 4 to as many as 12,000 people in one event, to almost all types of business; whether it be a sales group, SME's or big corporations. Motivational Speaking has been my second nature.
    3. Family Oriented - A Better Half
    4. More than a Motivational Speaker, I am an honest to goodness happy family man, first and foremost to my happy wife, Nove Ann Tan, and father to my 3 wonderful kids; they are the priority in my life. My family is what inspires me to continue inspiring and motivating people. My firm belief is that
"no amount of success in business, in society and even in the profession can compensate for failing the family."
"You cannot export what does not work!"
"You cannot give what you don't have."

    These strong family values allow me to bring tremendous content and credibility to the stage.
  1. Man of Authority
  2. I was given a great opportunity to work with and speak with internationally renowned guest speakers like Nick Vujicic and Francis J. Kong. (I have to tell you, it was awesome!)
  3. Edutainer
  4. Once an artist, always an artist... In the distant past, I was once a part of showbiz (but that's another story). It may be short-lived as some people would say, but having experienced diving into it as a TV and movie actor, comedian and writer; it gave me the much-needed skill of entertaining the crowd while I get them into the groove of my intention – to motivate and teach them how to better their lives financially. Edutainment - Mr. Chink Positive style will keep them wide awake and having a great time without sacrificing the integrity of passing my message through.
  5. Simple, Down to Earth
  6. I may be energetic and upbeat, but I don't have the habit of giving over and beyond technically complex jargons that can intimidate my crowd or worse, get them cross-eyed and doze off. I am a big fan of simplicity. I have the gift of digging out the complexity and making it very simple for people to understand. Authenticity and credibility, these are just a few of the many reasons why people love my talks.

My desire is to impart the knowledge and experience I was able to accumulate over the years through the materials you will find here. I am excited about your financial journey toward financial freedom! Allow me to teach you to become wealthy and be debt-free!

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