Course Content

SESSION 1: How to Create Multiple Income Streams Using the Internet
In this SESSION, Mr. Carlo Ople will discuss with you how to create multiple income streams using the internet. He will tackle what is a digital tribe and the formula in creating contents; how to come up with contents that are a product of what you love, what comes easily to you, and what pays you well. 

SESSION 2: What Pays Well - Part 1
In these SESSIONs, Mr. Carlo Ople will teach you how to earn from creating contents. He will share with you the 5 monetization stack namely advertising, brand deals, affiliate sales, merchandise, and your own products or services, and elaborate mainly on each advertising and brand deals. He will also teach how to earn from Youtube and Facebook Monetization Program and Google Adsense and share with you how much you can earn from them. 

SESSION 3: What Pays Well - Part 2
This SESSION is a continuation of Mr. Carlo Ople’s teaching on the 5 monetization stack. He will explain further how much and how can you earn from affiliate sales, merchandise, and your own products or services. You will also learn from this SESSION how to transition from your 8 to 5 day job to becoming an online or digital entrepreneur.