Course Content

Session 1 - Chinkee Tan
In this session, Mr. Chinkee Tan will discuss why Facebook has a great potential to earn money, the different methods of selling on Facebook, and tips on creating Facebook content.

Lesson 1: How to Sell Using Facebook Page Organically
Lesson 2: How to Sell Through Facebook in 3 Simple Steps
Lesson 3: How to Sell on the Marketplace
Lesson 4A: 12 Effective Tips for Selling on Facebook & Types of Content
Lesson 4B: How to Schedule and Post Facebook Content

Session 2 - Jungie Gumiran
In this session, Jungie Gumiran will talk about chatbot, its importance, how to build one, and how to use it to increase your sales. You can also create another source of income by setting up chatbot for other business owners to help them increase their sales.

Lesson 1: Why Do You Need to Build a Chatbot Now
Lesson 2: Introduction to MANYCHAT: 3 Easy Steps to Set-Up Your Account
Lesson 3: How to Set-Up a Welcome Message
Lesson 4: How to Set-Up Sequence in ManyChat

Session 3 - Jungie Gumiran

In this session, you will learn the different dynamics of setting up Facebook ads. Many people can set up ads, but not all can do it right. The lessons will teach you how to use ads effectively for your business and offer Facebook Ads as a service to other businesses.

Lesson 1: How to Earn Money From Facebook Ads
Lesson 2: Getting Started with Business Manager: Account Setup
Lesson 3: Guide: Navigating Business Manager
Lesson 4: How to Create Your Facebook Ads Campaign
Lesson 5: How to Create and Set-Up Pixel
Lesson 6: How to Set-Up Message Campaign
Lesson 7: How to Set-Up Conversion Campaign
Lesson 8: How to Set-Up Lead Generation Campaign
Lesson 9: The Full Funnel Strategy
Lesson 10: The Audience in Our Funnel
Lesson 11: Top 6 Creative Hacks