Course Content

Session 1 - Chinkee Tan
This session is all about how to promote your product, services or personal branding online. Mr. Chinkee Tan will talk about branding, marketing, how to create powerful content in your online platform, and how to write an effective description that will surely attract clients.

Lesson 1: Branding
Lesson 2: Marketing
Lesson 3: How to Create a Powerful Content
Lesson 4: How to Promote Social Media
Lesson 5: How to Write Your Description


Session 2 - TJ Talusan

This session is all about how important it is to have an online platform. Since one of the most effective online platforms to have is a website, we will be discussing the essentials of building a website, the stakes, and pricing choices.

Lesson 1: Why Do We Need a Website
Lesson 2: 5 Things to Build a Website
Lesson 3: The Stakes 
Lesson 4: Pricing Choices 


Session 3 - Pam Pormentilla and David Monteith

This session is all about how to get work online and what are the high-demand freelancing jobs. Ms. Pam and Mr. David will also be discussing where to get clients, things to keep in mind while working for a client, and your client’s expectations.

Lesson 1: Meet Pam and David
Lesson 2: Client Expectations
Lesson 3: Things to Keep in Mind
Lesson 4: 4 High-Demand Freelance Jobs
Lesson 5: Where to Get Clients


Session 4 - Charles Sy

In this session, Mr. Charles Sy will talk about how to sell online - how to start your online business, how to sell on Lazada, the power of 5 tools for effective selling on Lazada, and how to successfully market your products.

Lesson 1: How to Start Your Online Business
Lesson 2: How to Sell on Lazada
Lesson 3: Power of 5 Tools
Lesson 4: How to Market Your Products