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Lesson 1: Introduction

Developing the winning mindset and attitude to become a successful freelancer is key. In this section, Coach Chinkee will discuss the importance of having the right attitude combined with the right set of skills and knowledge. 

Lesson 2: 10 Things You Should Avoid Doing as a Rookie Freelancer

This lesson is all about the 10 things you should avoid doing as a rookie freelancer such as not accepting any project that does not fit your skills, not accepting too many jobs at the same time, not depending on only one client, not pricing yourself out of the market, not having a system in place, and the like. These 10 things are necessary to tackle because these are the common mistakes most rookies make. It’s only strategic to learn from others and not commit the same mistakes anymore.

Lesson 3: What Do Clients Look for in a Professional Freelancer?

In this lesson, Coach Chinkee will discuss the types of character and attitude clients look for in a professional freelancer namely professionalism, effective, integrity, proactiveness, problem-solver, flexible, productive, passionate, eager, and manages time effectively. Possessing these characters will surely cause one to land an online job quickly. 

Lesson 4: Shift Your Mindset

Having the right skills and character are as much as important as having the right mindset. You cannot start freelancing with the wrong mindset. In this lesson, Coach Chinkee will help you shift your wrong mindset to having the right one in order to have a successful and thriving online job. A person who has the right mindset is able to say, “I can do it!”, “I am my own boss!”, “I am focused!”, “I create value and benefits!”, and the like.

Lesson 5: What Do You Need to Do Now?

One always has to remember that despite all the available information, it is still not about what you know but how much you apply. In this lesson, Coach Chinkee will teach you how to set income goals, strategize to achieve them; and how to innovate and reinvent yourself. 



Lesson 1: My Story - Guide to Get Online Jobs and Transition from Corp to Freelancing

In this lesson, Coach MK will share her own experience - how she transitioned from being employed to freelancing. She will also tackle the 3 kinds of online jobs such as voice, non-voice, and mixed; various work schedules, salary rate and frequency, different online payments, and the long term benefits of freelancing. 

Lesson 2: Requirements

In this lesson, Coach MK will discuss the requirements in obtaining your own online job/s such as what kind of technology you should use, the documents you need to prepare, skills you need to possess, tools you should learn to use, the right mindset you need to have, and the importance of having a support system.  

Lesson 3: Where to Apply

Once you have prepared the requirements needed, it is also important to learn where to apply. In this part of the course, Coach MK will discuss the top 3 hot spots where you can most likely land your online job namely job sites, social media, and referral. She will also tackle the importance of knowing the places where freelancing is common, knowing what kinds of clients need the help of a freelancer, and the different kinds of agency. 

Lesson 4: How to Apply 

While you have the freedom to choose where to apply, Coach MK recommends applying to first since it is easy and stress-free to navigate. In this lesson, she will teach you the step-by-step process of applying to 

Lesson 5: Hiring Process

Hiring process is next to the application process. In this part of the course, Coach MK will discuss the steps included in the hiring process such as pre-employment tests, interviews, and work trial. 


Q&A with Chinkee Tan and MK Bertulfo

In this part of the course, Coach Chinkee and Coach MK will answer questions from the live online audience. 

Money Making Machine by Chinkee Tan

In this bonus video, Coach Chinkee will reveal his secret on how to make a money making machine and discuss them one by one namely mindset, mentoring, methodology, mastery, and money making system.