Course Contents

Real Estate 101

Session 1: Is Real Estate for You

Session 2: What are the Different Types of Real Estate You Can Invest on

Session 3: How Can You Make Money from Real Estate Investment

Session 4: How to Target the Right Real Estate Investment for the Right Market

Session 5: Should I Buy Condo or House and Lot

Session 6: Real Estate Investments to Watch Out in the Philippines

Session 7: Checklist Before Buying Real Estate in the Philippines

Session 8: 9 Things to Check Before Buying a Home

Session 9: How to Manage Your Property?

Session 10: Transaction Fees for Real Estate Purchases in the Philippines

Session 11: 8 Things You Should Avoid When Buying Your Own Property


Stock Market For Every Juan

Session 1 - The Whys of Stock Market

Lesson 1 Introduction: Why Is There a Stock Market

Lesson 2 Why Should You Consider Investing in Stocks - Part 1 and Part 2

Lesson 3 Why Do Stock Prices Go Up and Down?

Lesson 4 Why Don’t You Need to Watch Your Stocks Everyday

Lesson 5 Why Invest in the Stock Market Now - Part 1 and Part 2

Lesson 6 How to Know if the Stock Market is for You

Lesson 7 Stock Market vs Other Investments

 Session 2 - Risks and Benefits

Lesson 8 How to Lessen Your Risk in Stock Investment - Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 

Lesson 9 Stock Market for Passive Income 

Lesson 10 How Big Can You Earn in Stocks 

Lesson  11 How to Open an Account - Part 1 and Part 2 

Lesson 12 Biggest and Common Mistake of Stock Investors 

Lesson 13 Things That You Should Avoid in the Market 

Lesson 14 Risks in Stock Market and Course Conclusion


How To Retire Before 50

Session 1: Introduction

Session 2:  Chinkee Tan’s Wealth Quadrant

Session 3: Pitfalls of a Retiree

Session 4: How to Compute for Retirement Fund

Session 5: Investment 101

Session 6: Where to Invest

Session 7: Things You Should Avoid in Doing Investment

Session 8: Rule of 72

Session 9: Ben and David Investment Over Time

Session 10: How to Invest in the Stock Market

Session 11: How Much Can You Lose in the Stock Market

Session 12: What You Should Know Before Investing in the Stock Market

Session 13: Things You Should Avoid Doing in the Stock Market

Session 14: Real Estate 101

Session 15: Protection 101

Session 16: Income Replacement Fund

Session 17: 3 Kinds of Protection

Session 18: How to Fix Pitfalls of a Retiree (Part 1 & 2)


Bonus 1: Things You Should Not Be Doing in Buying a Property

Bonus 2: Checklist Lessor

Bonus 3: How To Choose Your Plan

Bonus 4: Life Insurance Product

Bonus 5: Personal Recommendation


Juan Negosyante

Session 1


Lesson 1: How to Know if You Have a Mindset of an Entrepreneur

Lesson 2: Employment to Entrepreneur Mindset

Lesson 3: Top 10 Common Mistakes

Lesson 4: Creativity Skills

Lesson 5: Planning, Project Management, Financial Management, Risk Management, Logistics Management

Lesson 6: Marketing Skills

Lesson 7: Communication Skills

Lesson 8: Selling, Negotiation, Networking Skills

Lesson 9: Productivity Skills

Session 2

Lesson 10: Business Road-Map: Self-Awareness

Lesson 11: Business Road-Map: Research

Lesson 12: Business Road-Map: Product Development

Lesson 13: Business Road-Map: Feedback

Lesson 14: Business Road-Map: Business Operation

Lesson 15: Business Road-Map: Finance Your Business

Lesson 16: Business Road-Map: Making it Official

Lesson 17: Making Your First Sale

Bonus Section

Financial Tips for Start-Up

Problem Solving Skills

Top 10 Business You Can Get Into

Top 10 Common Mistakes With Problems