Course Contents

Facebook Entrepreneur

Session 1 - Chinkee Tan


Lesson 1: How to Sell Using Facebook Page Organically

Lesson 2: How to Sell Through Facebook in 3 Simple Steps 

Lesson 3: How to Sell on the Marketplace

Lesson 4A: 12 Effective Tips for Selling on Facebook & Types of Content

Lesson 4B: How to Schedule and Post Facebook Content


Session 2 - Jungie Gumiran

Lesson 1: Why Do You Need to Build a Chatbot Now

Lesson 2: Introduction to MANYCHAT: 3 Easy Steps to Set-Up Your Account

Lesson 3: How to Set-Up a Welcome Message

Lesson 4: How to Set-Up Sequence in ManyChat


Session 3 - Jungie Gumiran

Lesson 1: How to Earn Money From Facebook Ads

Lesson 2: Getting Started with Business Manager: Account Setup

Lesson 3: Guide: Navigating Business Manager

Lesson 4: How to Create Your Facebook Ads Campaign

Lesson 5: How to Create and Set-Up Pixel

Lesson 6: How to Set-Up Message Campaign

Lesson 7: How to Set-Up Conversion Campaign

Lesson 8: How to Set-Up Lead Generation Campaign

Lesson 9: The Full Funnel Strategy

Lesson 10: The Audience in Our Funnel

Lesson 11: Top 6 Creative Hacks


Digipreneur 101: How to Effectively Sell Your Products Online by Chinkee Tan



Lesson 1: Create an Idea

Lesson 2: Do Your Research

Lesson 3: Plan, Source for Materials, and Outsource Work

Lesson 4: Compute the Product Cost and Set the Price

Lesson 5: Set Up Your Online Store

Lesson 6: Stand Out From the Competition


Digipreneur 101: How to Be an Affiliate Marketer by Chinkee Tan with Carlo Ople


SESSION 1: How to Create Multiple Income Streams Using the Internet

SESSION 2: What Pays Well - Part 1

SESSION 3: What Pays Well - Part 2


Digipreneur 101: How to Become a Social Media Personality by Chinkee Tan with Doug Kramer



Lesson 1: Why Do You Want to Be an Online Personality

This lesson is all about the why of being an online personality. 

Lesson 2: Who Is Your Target Audience?

Lesson 3: How to Create an Authentic Brand?

Lesson 4: Define Your Strategy & Goals for Creating Content

Lesson 5: Set Up Your Online Sites

Lesson 6: Pick Your Content & Format

Lesson 7: Be Consistent in Creating Content