Frequently Asked Questions

I haven’t read the book, HAPPY WIFE, HAPPY LIFE, can I still do the workshop?
Yes. The workshop can help you understand the lessons from the book, although part of the workshop is that you need to read from the book itself.

I already read the book, HAPPY WIFE, HAPPY LIFE, can I just skip the workshop?
I highly recommend going through the workbook because it contains interactive exercises, discussions and reflections where you can both write your answers.

I am still single, can I still benefit from this workshop?
Yes. One of the main purposes of the workshop is to develop awareness and education for those who will enter in to married life. The authors’ “200 year” marriage experience, research and practical tips will guide you and prepare before you before you tie in the knot someday.

My spouse doesn’t want to be part of the workshop. Can I still do it alone and without the participation of my spouse?
Yes. We need to learn and change first before we can teach our spouse. The workshop will guide you and mold. Show your spouse that you are willing to change and he/ she will soon follow.

My spouse and I lives abroad, can we still join the workshop?
Yes. You can log in our live workshop. Even if you are offline, there are interactive videos from the authors that can guide you during the workbook phase.