Objectives and Requirements


  • Learn the 3-step formula to becoming a high-earning Virtual Professional
  • Learn where you need to focus much of your effort as you build an online career
  • Learn how you can effectively navigate this ever shifting job landscape.
  • Learn how to set-up your own online platform
  • Learn how to get work online
  • Learn how to sell products online
  • Learn to examine your attitude and mindset
  • Learn how to start your strategy and build a profitable online business
  • Learn the comprehensive but simplified guide to getting online jobs from preparing the requirements, tools, where and how to apply.
  • Identify the importance of applying the good practice of project management in projects of any size.
  • Learn the steps on how to become a website developer on Wordpress.
  • Learn the basic principles of mastering the art of video editing.

What you need

You will be needing a gadget (laptop, phone, or tablet) to access the course. Download the worksheet provided. You are highly encouraged to print it out and take down notes. Prepare a pen and paper and answer a short quiz after each session.

Who it is for

  • This course is for everybody who wants to earn and work from home by becoming a virtual assistant.
  • This course is for everybody who wants to be a successful entrepreneur at home.
  • This course is for everybody: both newbie and trained freelancer alike. If you are a newbie, you will be learning new and exciting lessons that will propel you to have your own successful freelancing career fast. If you are already a trained freelancer, this is also for you as you will continue to grow in your current set of skills.