Objectives and Requirements


  1. Learn how Chinoyprenuers think and how they respond in times of crisis
  2. Learn how Chinoyprenuers spot opportunities, maximize them and turn them into a profitable business
  3. Discover Chinoyprenuers’ secrets why their business keeps on growing
  4. Learn how Chinoyprenuers create a business plan and a backup plan just in case their idea does not work
  5. Learn the principle of diversification and know when is the right time for you to expand your business
  6. Learn some of the best tried and tested strategies of Chinoyprenuers in building their business
  7. Know the winning attitudes from the successful Chinoyprenuers
  8. Learn how Chinoyprenuers manage and grow their money in business
  9. Learn how Chinoyprenuers sell and market your products and services effectively and get a sale almost every time
  10. Discover why Chinoyprenuers are one of the most successful business people in the world

What you need
You will be needing a gadget (laptop, phone, or tablet) to access the course. Download the worksheet provided. You are highly encouraged to print it out and take down notes. Prepare a pen and paper and answer a short quiz after each session.

Who it is for
This course is for all entrepreneurs who want to succeed in their business by learning the strategies of a Chinoypreneur. It is also for those willing people who want to learn and begin their own business enterprise.