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After achieving financial freedom, despite growing up in poverty, through online selling and investments. My mission now is to share what I’ve experienced and learned. I have compiled all my strategies and business tips into a complete collection of courses just for you:

Courses Available:

  • How To Earn Money Using Social Media
  • How to Start Your Own Business
  • Learn How Successful Entrepreneurs Think and Strategize  
  • How To Earn Money By Working At Home
  • How To Earn Your First Million In The Field Of Selling
  • How To Master The Art Of Prospecting
  • How to Become a Millionaire by Saving
  • How To Build A Stronger Marriage
  • Workshop On How To Improve Your Communication, Intimacy and Financial Life
  • How To Earn Your First Million In The Field Of Selling
  • How to Earn through the Stock Market
  • Learn How To Invest In Real Estate
  • How To Raise Entrepreneurial Kids
  • Learn How To Become Facebook Entrepreneur
  • 4 in 1 Online Course: Homepreneur

                            Premium Courses Added for you!

                            • Investment 101 (Crypto and Stock Market)
                            • Sana All May Investment (NFT and Real Estate)
                            • Online Seller’s Bootcamp w/ Maj Custodio
                            • Bounce Back w/ Bo Sanchez
                            • Kapag Gusto Maraming PERAAN
                            • Cryptoverse
                            • Cryptohan
                            • PATOK na Pagkakakitaan para Yumaman

                              CHINKTV ALL ACCESS is your ANSWER to financial education. It offers a new way for Filipinos to learn about personal finances. You can access content whenever you want and however much you want. Be it through your computer, mobile phone or tablet, our library of high-quality lessons will be there for you whenever or wherever you want them.

                              Prepare to be SHOCKED! You’ll discover 100 hours of digestible video format, broken down into bite-sized, easy-to-understand topics. CHINKTV is the quick, fun and affordable way to get a better understanding of your money. You’ll discover how to use the closely guarded financial secrets of some of the best-known  published authors  and the biggest names in personal finance, including Chinkee Tan, Bo Sanchez, Marvin Germo and many others .

                              Learn about money management, investing, personal finance and entrepreneurship. 

                              There's never been a better time to get smart about money, and now attaining financial freedom has never been simpler and convenient. 

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                              P.S. I didn't mention, when you sign up, you will get a year of access plus three or four more future courses— a value of P8,599+ —for FREE!

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